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Corporate Benefit Solutions

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Here are the primary areas where we will be your resource:

* Bring you innovative & flexible health insurance solutions that conform under the Affordable Care Act.

* Help you determine whether self-funding is right for your company:

  • Self-funded products are available down to ten participating employees.
  • You can join an industry-specific pool to help mitigate your overall risk.*

* Explore how an HSA or HRA (Heath Savings Account or Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement) can save          you money and provide better health insurance benefits for your employees.
* Decide whether you’d like to offer multiple health insurance options to your employees - and help them choose        the plan that is best for their personal situation.
* Add low cost benefits like dental, vision, life, and disability on either an employer-paid or employee-paid basis.
* Introduce voluntary benefits that provide additional coverage for your employees at no cost to you.
* Help you make sure your plan is compliant under state and federal law.
* Introduce you to other professionals who can help with advice on retirement plans, human resources, payroll,          and many other areas.